Privacy Policy

LanguageTool Plus is a proofreading software. It works by sending the text to be checked to our servers over an encrypted connection. This policy describes what kind of data we store.

  • We don't store the text that you submit for style and grammar checking on, with the following exceptions:
    • If you explicitly submit feedback, for example about false alarms or undetected errors, we store that feedback.
    • In case of an internal software error, we log the sentence that caused the error so we can reproduce and fix the error.
  • To improve our proofreading service, we keep a log of the following information:
    • date and time, length of submitted text, text language, processing time on server, number of detected errors, type of detected errors (e.g. "uppercase sentence start" or "confusion of 'piece' and 'peace'"),
    • the page on which you submitted the request (usually,
  • In our web server log files, your IP address is stored in an abbreviated form (like so it cannot be used to identify you. Error messages like for exceeding the query limit are stored with the full IP so we can prevent abuse.
  • For accesses from web browsers and browser add-ons, this website uses Piwik for web analytics. We're shortening your IP address (to a form like to protect your privacy. If you don't want your visit to be recorded at all by Piwik, you can opt out here: